Tell 'em Kids...... What We Learned in Stool Today!


For starters, if you don't know where your tank is…Find It!
Then make sure the lids are exposed, accessible, sealed, and secure. We're the only 'Kids' that should be in here.

Pu-wee & Stinky

If you have never had your tank pumped, you should…then stay on a regular schedule. One good cleaning every two or three years will extend the life of our system. And it protects your environment. Become a 'Regular' with the Stool Bus®!


If you've never had a problem with your septic, you will if you take it for granted. Regular maintenance is much less expensive than replacement! After all, we live here.

Loosey Stool

And…don't use those fancy additives. We know this for a fact: If it doesn't go through you first…it shouldn't go in your septic tank. We are your good bacteria - everything else makes our job harder. The Stool Master tells us, "This is a good rule of the stool."


Your system needs water…just not too much at once. And try not to put a lot of grease into our home. We're just friendly bacteria, and grease plugs us up and makes us sick, so we can't do our job. AND...CAUSTIC CHEMICALS AND SOLVENTS KILL US!